Most unique challenges

Influenced by his father, an architect, Benjamin Dauer had an early fascination with design, which came first from watching his father draw by hand and then connecting these drawings to physical space. When his father began using digital programs like AutoCAD, Benjamin became equally inspired, seeing it as a way for static design to achieve dimension.
Unlike many designers, Benjamin never formally trained at a design school. Instead, he learned his skills through observation, self-directed study and work experience. He currently is senior product designer at National Public Radio (NPR). Prior to that, he was lead product designer at SoundCloud, a position that took him and his wife to Berlin, where he helped to shape the audio service across multiple platforms. Away from his desk, he is an experimental musician and composer.
I met Benjamin in a Berlin bookstore and cafe called Shakespeare & Sons, during his transition from SoundCloud to NPR. He used to come here often to read, drink coffee and eat fresh bagels. Shakespeare & Sons is located in Prenzlauer Berg near Helmholtzplatz Park. The area is known for its young families. During our conversation, we paused many times for the adorable toddlers passing by. Benjamin spoke about his passion for music and how he enjoyed being involved in the design and music communities, sharing his creative skills for good causes. He was named a “SoundCloud Hero” for raising awareness of white nose syndrome and colony collapse disorder, two diseases that affect bat and bee populations in the US.